City of Clarkson Valley

List of Ordinances

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16-01    SUP Alizadeh Orthodontics - Authorizing Lettering on North Side of Building

16-02    Definition of Family

16-03     Removing "Ballwin" from 2002 Signage Ordinance

16-04     Sanitation Contract with Waste Management

16-05    Zoning Change 15977 Clayton Rd. Upon Sale to Church from "PC" to "A"

16-06    Existing Retaining Walls Not Required to Obtain Variance if Constructed in Same Location

16-07    Police Contract

16-08    Auditor Contract

16-09    Setting Rate on Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes

16-10     Contract with St. Louis County Municipal Court Mental Health/Jail Diversion Program

16-11      Definition Decorative Landscape Walls

16-12     Amending 2009 IRC & IBC with Definition of above and Exempting Same from Building Permits


17-01     Drones   

17-02     Police Services Agreement

17-03     Sanitation Contract with Waste Management

17-04     Police Contract        

17-05     Setting Property and Real Estate Taxes


18-01     Changing Allowed Time on Waste Containers at Curb from 5:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  

18-02     Deer Protection Fencing