Date:    March 7, 2018

Time:   7:00 p.m.

Place:   City Hall (Clarkson Executive Center — 15933 Clayton Road)

            3rd Floor, Presentation Room


1.  To consider the request of:

Mike and Courtney Birkel

19 Jennycliffe Lane

Clarkson Valley, MO 63005


to construct a pool fence to encroach 3.8′ into the west side yard and 19.75’ into the east side yard.


2.  To consider the request of:

            Blake and Clare Borello

            25 Clarkson Farm Drive

            Clarkson Valley, MO 63017

            Cell:  314-443-3327

            Office Phone:  636-332-2044

to construct a 16′ long x 9.5′ wide room addition to the east side of the house that would encroach 5′ into the side yard.


3.  Adjourn



Darryl Brody

Tom Berkeley

Jack Hauser

Phyllis Newmark

Terry Rosenstrauch